Rollerblades and inline skates in San Antonio

Where to buy inline skates in San Antonio

You can buy roller and inline skates in our shop InMoveSkates. We offer free delivery from nearby warehouses of known brands such as Rollerblade, K2, FR Skates, Powerslide, Micro, Chaya, Chuffed, Crazy Skates, Wifa, Flying Eagle, Tronx, Alkali and etc.

You will have 60 days to try the size. And we also gift a 7% discount code "7SANT" (use it at checkout) if you are from San Antonio.

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Parks and places to rollerblade in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio offers several great places for inline skating enthusiasts. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Mission Reach Trail: Explore the scenic Mission Reach Trail along the San Antonio River for a delightful inline skating experience. The paved trail offers a smooth surface, and you can enjoy the lush greenery and historic missions along the way.
  2. Brackenridge Park: Brackenridge Park provides a picturesque setting for inline skating. With well-maintained paths and beautiful landscapes, skaters can enjoy a relaxing ride through the park's expansive grounds.
  3. Salado Creek Greenway: The Salado Creek Greenway offers a network of trails suitable for inline skating. Skaters can enjoy the natural beauty along Salado Creek, and the paved paths make it an excellent location for a smooth skating session.
  4. San Antonio River Walk: While primarily known for walking, the River Walk also provides opportunities for inline skating. Choose a less crowded section, and enjoy skating along the iconic San Antonio River amid the vibrant urban atmosphere.
  5. O.P. Schnabel Park: O.P. Schnabel Park features multi-use trails, making it a great spot for inline skating. The park offers a mix of paved and unpaved paths, providing skaters with varied terrain in a natural setting.

Best Rollerskates rinks in Austin

  1. Playland Skate Center: Address: 8822 McCann Dr, Austin, TX 78757 Playland Skate Center is a classic roller skating rink that has been a favorite in Austin for many years.
  2. Skateland West: Skateland West is known for its welcoming atmosphere and well-maintained rink. With a mix of classic tunes and contemporary music, it caters to a diverse crowd. They often host special events and themed nights for added excitement.
  3. Car-Vel Skateland: A family-owned rink with a long history, Car-Vel Skateland provides a friendly environment for skaters of all ages. The classic rink design and regular skating sessions make it a favorite among locals.
  4. Institute of Texan Cultures Roller Rink: Occasionally, the Institute of Texan Cultures transforms its exhibit floor into a roller rink during special events. This unique setting offers skaters a chance to enjoy their favorite activity in a culturally rich environment.
FR SKATES FR1 80 Black FR SKATES FR1 80 Black
FR Skates
MICRO Skate Mt-Plus Black MICRO Skate Mt-Plus Black
Micro skate
FR SKATES FR2 80 Black FR SKATES FR2 80 Black
FR Skates
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Chaya skates
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FR Skates
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MICRO Skate Mt-Plus Cherry MICRO Skate Mt-Plus Cherry
Micro skate
Micro skate
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