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Whether you are a student, office worker, commuter, fitness instructor, Travel-buff, adventurer, or sportsman, urban backpacks are a must-have for you. It helps you to organize your things and gives you convenience. Backpacks can contain all your stuff which makes it easy for you to move and carry around

There are different types of backpacks. They include the traditional backpack which is the most common type of backpack, laptop backpack, rolltop backpack, Knapsack, designers backpack, sling backpack, satchel backpack, mini backpacks, travel backpacks, daypacks, hiking packs, and skate backpacks, among others.

Backpacks are now a part of fashion as they are sometimes worn to compliment different dressing styles. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles to suit the different needs of people. Backpacks also come in different designs that are generally categorized into two: urban style backpacks and street style backpacks.

Urban style backpack and street style backpack

Urban style backpack and street style backpack are backpack trends that are inspired by urban style and street style fashion trends. Just as the name implies, urban style refers to classic backpack designs while street styles refer to backpack designs that reflect the “street” life vibe.

Urban style backpacks are designed to reflect general trends of fashion. Under this category you’ll find the high-class designers backpacks with design patterns that embrace minimalism. Usually, backpack for the city doesn’t come in a very big size. They are either small or medium sizes.

Streetwear backpacks are often designed to reflect the styles of a particular culture, people, or region; these styles pass the vibe check of a group of people. Street style backpacks often come with designs or prints that mirror the beliefs and lifestyles of people.

Guidelines for buying urban style backpack

1. Durability

You don’t want to buy a backpack then after a week or month you find out that it’s torn on any of the sides. When buying a bag, you have to be sure that it is strong enough to carry the weight of things that you’ll be putting in it.

Backpacks are made of different materials and these materials have different strengths. Hence, it’s important to check the material used in making the bags. Also, check the shoulder straps of the backpack to ensure it is very strong because it helps to balance the weight of the bag on your back.

2. Waterproof

You don’t want the rain or water wetting your stuff. Hence you should go for a bag made with waterproof materials. Some backpacks are made up of 100% Nylon which is waterproof, but it cannot carry heavy weight. There are also backpacks made from a mixture of Nylon and other strong materials. These set of materials are durable and waterproof. Hence, they are best recommended.

3. Size

It is very important to consider the size of the backpack based on what you will be using it for. If you are a traveler, you will need a durable big-city commuter backpack that can contain all your stuff because getting a small back will inconvenience you. You’ll be faced with carrying several bags at the same time.

Also, check the size of the small pockets to ensure that it’s big enough to contain quite some items. Urban travel backpacks don’t have so many small pockets, but they are big enough to contain items enough for a day trip.

4. Padding

Sufficient padding offers you support and comfort. You’ll not have to worry about suffering from back pains and shoulder pains. So, ensure that you test to bag to be sure that it's padded enough to make you comfortable.

5. Style

If you are a very stylish person, then an urban-style backpack is just for you. They come in different designs to suit different styles. As an urban outfitter, you are big on fashion. Hence, you would not want to match your dress style with a backpack that is out of place. So, when choosing a style of backpack choose one that matches your personality and dressing style.

With the guidelines mentioned above, you now know what to look out for when choosing an urban-style backpack. The guidelines above also apply when you are buying an urban-style backpack. You’ll not need to worry about making a wrong choice again.

You can buy backpacks online from our store or other online stores, or from walk-in stores. The Prices for backpacks also differ depending on the style, design, and brand of the backpack. If you are buying online, ensure to confirm that the online store offers shipping services to your location.

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