Rollerblades and inline skates in Ontario

Where to buy inline skates in Ontario

You can buy roller and inline skates in our shop InMoveSkates. We offer free delivery from nearby warehouses of known brands such as Rollerblade, K2, FR Skates, Powerslide, Micro, Chaya, Chuffed, Crazy Skates, Wifa, Flying Eagle, Tronx, Alkali and etc.

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Parks and places to rollerblade in Ontario, California

Ontario, California, offers several great places for inline skating enthusiasts. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park: Location: 800 N Archibald Ave, Ontario, CA Note: Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park features paved paths and open spaces, providing a suitable environment for inline skating.
  2. Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park: Location: 6075 Kimball Ave, Chino, CA (near Ontario) Note: Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park has trails and pathways, offering a scenic setting for inline skating.
  3. Pacific Electric Trail: Location: Runs through various parts of Ontario Note: The Pacific Electric Trail is a multi-use trail that spans several miles through Ontario, providing a smooth surface for inline skating.
  4. Ontario Mills Mall: Location: 1 Mills Cir, Ontario, CA Note: The parking lots around Ontario Mills Mall, especially during non-business hours, can offer flat and paved surfaces for inline skating.
  5. Cucamonga Creek Trail: Location: Runs through various parts of Ontario Note: The Cucamonga Creek Trail is another trail system in Ontario suitable for inline skating, offering a mix of nature and urban surroundings.

Best Rollerskates rinks in Ontario

  1. Cal Skate Grand Terrace: Location: 22080 Commerce Way, Grand Terrace, CA (near Ontario) Note: Cal Skate Grand Terrace offers a classic rollerskating experience with various sessions and events.
  2. Fiesta Village Family Fun Park: Location: 1405 E Washington St, Colton, CA (near Ontario) Note: Fiesta Village Family Fun Park features a roller rink along with other family-friendly attractions.
  3. Chino Skate Express: Location: 1891 Dairy St, Chino, CA (near Ontario) Note: Chino Skate Express is known for its rollerskating rink and offers different sessions for all ages.
  4. Roller City 2001: Location: 2001 S Dupont Dr, Anaheim, CA (northwest of Ontario) Note: Roller City 2001 is located northwest of Ontario and provides rollerskating sessions and special events.
  5. Holiday Skate Center: Location: 175 N Wayfield St, Orange, CA (northwest of Ontario) Note: Holiday Skate Center is situated northwest of Ontario and is a popular destination for rollerskating.

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