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Where to buy rollerblades in Bakersfield, CA?

Of course, on InMoveSkates - your favorite inline skates shop in Bakersfield.

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Parks and places to rollerblade in Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield, California, offers several great places for inline skating enthusiasts. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Kern River Parkway: The Kern River Parkway provides a scenic and well-maintained trail system along the Kern River. Skaters can enjoy a paved path surrounded by nature, making it a popular spot for inline skating.
  2. The Park at River Walk: This community park, located at 11298 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, features paved paths suitable for inline skating. The park also has green spaces, picnic areas, and water features.
  3. California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) Campus: The CSUB campus has paved pathways that are ideal for inline skating. Skaters can enjoy a smooth surface and explore the campus environment.
  4. Patriots Park: Patriots Park, situated at 3801 Stine Rd, Bakersfield, offers paved paths and open spaces suitable for inline skating. It's a family-friendly park with various recreational amenities.
  5. Panorama Vista Preserve: This natural preserve, located at 8200 River Walk Dr, Bakersfield, has walking and biking trails that can be suitable for inline skating. The preserve offers a mix of natural landscapes and scenic views.

Best Rollerskates rinks in Bakersfield

  1. Skateland: Located at 415 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, Skateland is a classic rollerskating rink that has been a popular spot for decades. It offers open skate sessions, special events, and a nostalgic atmosphere.
  2. Rollerama West: Situated at 7850 Brimhall Rd, Bakersfield, Rollerama West is another well-known rollerskating rink in the area, offering open skate sessions, theme nights, and private parties.
  3. B-Rollers Roller Rink: Found at 317 21st St, Bakersfield, B-Rollers Roller Rink is a community-oriented roller rink that hosts various events, including open skate sessions, family nights, and fundraisers.
  4. Valley Plaza Mall Ice Center: While primarily an ice skating rink, the Valley Plaza Mall Ice Center at 2701 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, occasionally hosts roller skating events. Check their schedule for roller skating sessions.
  5. Bakersfield Skatepark: Located at 1200 44th St, Bakersfield, this outdoor skatepark includes a roller rink, providing a space for both roller skaters and skateboarders to enjoy.
  6. Moose Family Center: Situated at 905 34th St, Bakersfield, the Moose Family Center hosts roller skating events and provides a venue for social gatherings.

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