Why I should rollerblade

Why I should rollerblade

Rollerblading or roller skating is good for us on many levels and aspects. Rollerblading is a great all-around physical workout for the body. It doesn’t require much knowledge of the sport to get a good workout from rollerblading. Something as simple as skating around in a rink can work up a good enough sweat to burn a few calories.

When skating is done properly you will be working out all different muscles all over your body without even knowing it. The main muscles targeted during your skating sessions are typically your hips, legs, quads, and glutes. The form in which skates require a push that is off to the side you are activating parts of your glutes in a motion which laterally rotates your hips. This will help create a well-balanced hip and even help decrease back pain caused by any muscular imbalance. It’s arguably one of the best core workouts there is to offer.

Learn more about first rollerblades and how to choose in our next article.

Mental health benefits of roller skating

Rollerblading can offer great mental health benefits. Whether you are skating through a park or even locally in your city, it’s a method of clearing your mind. Focusing strictly on the task at hand, pushing through each stride, listening to your wheels carving on the pavement, and feeling the breeze flowing through your fingertips.

Rollerblading can benefit your mental health positively such as providing a state of relaxation after a stressful day at work or even just as part of your daily ritual to break free from a work day. Finding a balance between work and life can sometimes be difficult but when placing an activity that requires your mind to focus on a specific task at hand, it becomes easier to let go and move on to the next part of your day.

Is roller skating good cardio?

Inline skating is healthy for you, it’s a good low-impact cardio. Anyone that possibly has bad joints, or bad knees, can benefit from this form of exercise. Once you learn the basics of skating and remove the danger factor it becomes very good for you. Some say it’s better than running.

Improvements in balance and agility, it’s overall good for a better mind and body connection. Skating is fun, when exercise is fun you’re more likely to do it in the long term and more often. You are not required to go to a gym and hop on a machine, you can simply go outside your front door or anywhere that there is concrete. It opens up opportunities in your city; your city becomes your playground.

You can skate with your friends, it’s fun because there’s a whole community you can become a part of. Skating is meditative, it gets you into a flow state that helps you process thoughts and feelings and take your mind off the everyday struggles of life.

The benefits of roller skating in self-confidence

Self-improvement in inline skating can be a strong reason to start doing it. It can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Skating can be a great distraction and motivation to improve your skills as well as finding balance in your everyday life. Skating is one of the best ways to get exercise without it feeling like a chore. Compared to going to a gym, or paying a monthly gym membership, skating doesn’t have any monthly charges.

Skating become so much fun that you don’t even realize that your body is tired. It’s a sport that is freeing mentally, physically, and it’s great for your self-esteem. Setting goals and barriers to break through are a great way to help improve your skills as a skater as well as building your self-confidence. The methods used to learn a new style of skating or even a new technical move can be used in everyday life. Being able to step out of your comfort zone and practice something day in and day out is so rewarding once that goal is achieved. The same goes for everyday life tasks. Sometimes we forget to take a step back and break down the tasks in steps to make sure we see the progress of the small accomplishments turn into big achievements.

Listening music while skating is also a great meditation. Check our prepared skate playlists for skating.

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