Why children's skates are not for adults

Why children's skates are not for adults

Here we will break down why it’s not recommended for adults to wear children’s skates. Roller skates for beginner adults should be clearly labeled to be for adults, while some adults can fit into a child-size skate, it’s not recommended they do so. The first few reasons should be common sense, such as the quality of the skate is not built to withstand the forces generated by an adult. Another reason is that the quality of the skate built for a child is not the same quality that is used when building an adult skate.

Roller skates for adults

As mentioned above, skates that are made for children are never recommended for adults as they are not built to withstand any forces created by an adult body. When a children's skate is created, they go through testing phases, these testing phases typically involve children testing them and not adults. Although an adult and a child can be similar in frame, weight and shoe size; the muscle mass and force that a child and adult generate are completely different. Excessive force from an adult wearing a child's skate can be dangerous and reckless as the skate can quite literally break on their feet. Breaking would be the bigger risk, with some minor risks being, discomfort, pressure points, not enough speed, and muscle pain.

Roller skates for Children

As you may already know, children's skates come with a size adjustment mechanism that usually covers 3 sizes. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that a growing child can use the skate for an adequate amount of time since a child’s foot grows rather quickly. This feature would be useless for an adult. Once you are an adult your foot will stop growing. Being that this function consists of being built with 2 plastic shells combined together as one, it will actually cause extra energy exertion. Since the boot is not built as one solid piece, it will not be as responsive as a skate built as one solid piece for adults. Children's roller skates should not be roller skates for adult beginners. Adult beginners skating in children skates can really injure themselves as well as create larger learning curve for themselves as they may feel limited or crippled by the lack of performance provided by a child skate.
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Inlines Skates for Adults

If an adult were to use a children's skate, they should consider that this can possibly void any warranty offered by the company. Some skates that are made for children, can be used for adults if we are referring to the specs listed on the paperwork for the skate. This doesn't necessarily mean that it should be done or attempted. There are possibilities that the manufacturers use lower-grade materials and plastics or less resistance which can be sufficient to meet the standards for kids skate but not ideal for adult use. In simple terms, kids roller skates should not be used by adults under no circumstances. It can be dangerous in many ways and will carry too many risks to even say it’s worth trying. The best inline skates for adults and the ones that are made and tested on adults. The plastics and other material components used in the manufacturing process will be of better quality and have more resistance to the forces applied by an adult body.

Find out more about kids adjustable roller skates in our next article.

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