WIFA roller skates STREET SUEDE LILAC (Boot only)

WIFA roller skates STREET SUEDE LILAC (Boot only)

Brand: WIFA Skates

Product Code: WIFA roller skates STREET SUEDE LILAC (Boot only)

Size: Rollers

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Suede is a soft, very breathable leather.

The ankle padding protects the ankles and strengthen the boots where support is needed for tricks and jumps.

The ankle pads have a triple function: they give support to foot joint, protect the ankle bone, and avoid the building of ugly folds in the joint area. The boots remain very flexible and soft at the toe area. The skater can determine the width by lacing loosely or tightly.
Breathable leather lining to avoid sweat and keep the foot cool in the summer.

Upper: NUBUCK leather, padded, wide comfortable width
Lining: ultra soft & breathable leather
Stiffness: ankle reinforcement and padding, soft boots
Soles: leather soles, wooden, water repellent heel

+ More than 90% made of natural materials sourced in Europe!
+ Leather upper, leather lining, leather soles, wooden heel!

Width: comfort width C (check the WIFA sizing chart in photos)
Made in Europe (Austria, Vienna)


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