MICRO Skate New Shaper Black

MICRO Skate New Shaper Black

Brand: Micro skate

Product Code: MICRO Skate New Shaper Black

Size: Skates

Availability: In Stock

Kids Just Want to Have Fun!
It’s incredibly lightweight and features a semi-soft upper giving anelastic type fit, making this skate very breathable while the high resistant polypropylene shell offers loads of support due to having integrated support.
The fast buckle up system makes it very easy for kids to put on their own skates. It also features a 45-degree velcro strap to keep the foot in the correct place and comes stock with 4×80A bullet profile high rebound polyurethane wheels and one removable brake pad.

Technical details:
- Abec 5
- Plastic Shell 
- Frame Integrated Polypropylene
#25-28: 4*58mm - 80A PU wheel
#29-40: 4*70mm - 80A PU wheel
-Use: recreational kids skating


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