MICRO Skate Delta

MICRO Skate Delta

Brand: Micro skate

Product Code: MICRO Skate Delta

Size: Skates

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  • The Delta is a high-performance slalom skate from the 2018-2019 Micro collection. Upper made from Microfiber allowing the skate to wrap around your foot and give it a nice snug fit, exactly what your need for slalom skating.  Carbon fiber base that can be heat molded to the shape of your foot. Nylon and Fiber composite removable cuff giving the perfect amount of forward flex.  Velcro shin strap, 45-degree ratchet ankle strap and toe strap to help lock your foot in the correct place. High-quality CNC aluminum 243mm frame with 4×85A round profile high rebound polyurethane wheels and slalom Pro9 bearings that offer a super smooth roll. Only the best technology and workmanship has been used to create this advanced inline skate.

  • Technical details:
  • - Memory cotton Liner
  • - Slalom Pro ILQ9
    - Carbon Shell 
    - Frame: Rockered 6000 Series High-Quality Alum 231mm(sizes EU36-39) and 243mm(sizes EU40-44)
    - Wheels 4*76MM/85A(sizes EU36-39) and 4*80MM/85A(sizes EU40-44)
    -Use: Freeride, city skating, freestyle 


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