HYPER RACE PGR White 100MM (8 units) 85A

HYPER RACE PGR White 100MM (8 units) 85A

Brand: Hyper wheels

Product Code: HYPER RACE PGR 100MM 85A

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#1 wheels in the world.
PGR, the Hyper’s all time greatest just got better! PGR +G is back to maintain its position at the front of the field...it is back in full force! Available in 100, 104 and 110mm wheels have a new Six Spoke racing core with the industry standard “Grip-thane” formulation for maximum roll and superb grip.

Hyper Race Wheels are, and will always be manufactured for only one reason: to win. Over the past years, our formulations have gotten faster our designs stronger and lighter. Hyper’s pro team travel all over the world, testing product and winning races, demonstrating our commitment to the market. The best in the world have skated Hyper race wheels, since 1987.

Styles: speedskating (outdoor race wheel)
Durometer: 85A
Profile: Speed Radius
Formulation: Grip-thane. Proprietary Grip and Race Chemistry
Core: 6-Spoke Race Hub
Pack: 8 wheels


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