HYPER HOCKEY Pro 150 80MM (4 units) 83A

HYPER HOCKEY Pro 150 80MM (4 units) 83A

Brand: Hyper wheels

Product Code: HYPER HOCKEY Pro 150 80MM 83A

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#1 wheels in the world.
The perfect recreational outdoor hockey wheel in 83A for smooth and rough surfaces.
Long lasting, Pro 150 is the price point outdoor hockey wheel that's perfect for the recreational outdoor hockey market.

The Hyper Hockey brand is built on a tradition of performance innovations through player and product research. 

It's all about the grip with Hyper's indoor wheels and durability on outdoor wheels. The one-two punch of Hyper's leading indoor chemistries and Outdoor long lasting compounds can't be beat. That's why more players turn to Hyper game after game from pickup to tournament series.
From all out grip, to blazing speed, HYPER HOCKEY is set to tear it up.

Styles: Hockey, recreational
Durometer: 83A
Profile: 180 Full radius profile
Material: Pro150 compound
Core: circle 8
Pack: 4 wheels


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