HYPER Fitness NX360 Blue 80MM (4 units) 84A

HYPER Fitness NX360 Blue 80MM (4 units) 84A

Brand: Hyper wheels

Product Code: HYPER Fitness NX360 Blue 80MM 84A

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#1 wheels in the world.
Hyper’s lastest in fitness technology, the Hyper NX360 Blue is made with a newly development "Trial" core. Made with an ultra-resilient performance compound and sleek thin profile, this unique design gives fitness enthusiast a faster roll on the straight always without losing grip. It fit with all fitness skates that are using wheels with 24mm of thikness.

The All-around cross trainer for performance skating, the lighter fitness wheel. Staying fit is not easy, but inline skating will help. It's a fact, skating is easier on the knees than running, about half the joint shock. It also burns as many calories, approximately 540 per hour. Working off pounds, fighting workday street, or just having fun, Hyper Wheels outperform all the rest; it's why we're the #1 in the World of Wheel

Styles: Recreational, fitness (all outdoor surfaces)
Durometer: 84A
Profile: Fitness narrow
Material: Crystal Clear Train-Ethane X3 performance compound
Core: Trial 51/22 Hub
Pack: 4 wheels


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