Best Wheels for Inline Speed Skating

Best Wheels for Inline Speed Skating

When engaging in inline speed skating, the significance of choosing the right wheels cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts your performance on the track. The quest for the finest speed skate wheels becomes paramount, as they play a vital role in achieving optimal speed, maneuverability, and overall control. In this discussion, we will delve into the crucial factors that require careful consideration when selecting inline speed skate wheels. Furthermore, we will highlight some of the top options currently available in the market, providing you with valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

Factors to Consider:

Durometer: The measure of a wheel's hardness, and it plays a significant role in speed skating. Generally, speed skate wheels fall within a durometer rating range of 85A to 100A. Softer wheels with lower durometer ratings offer superior grip and shock absorption, making them well-suited for outdoor surfaces or rough pavements. On the other hand, firmer wheels with higher durometer ratings sacrifice some grip but provide enhanced speed, particularly on smooth indoor tracks.

Diameter: Wheel diameter plays a crucial role in speed and maneuverability. Smaller wheels, usually ranging from 80mm to 90mm, are commonly used for indoor racing, as they provide quicker acceleration and better maneuverability. Larger wheels, between 100mm and 125mm, are better suited for outdoor speed skating, allowing for higher top speeds and better roll over uneven surfaces.

Profile: Wheel profile determines the contact area with the ground. Narrower profiles provide less rolling resistance, enhancing speed, while wider profiles offer more stability and control. The choice depends on personal preference and skating style.

Material: High-performance speed skate wheels are usually made of polyurethane, known for its durability, grip, and resilience. Some advanced wheels incorporate specialized compounds or cores designed to enhance speed, reduce vibrations, and optimize energy transfer.

Top Inline Speed Skate Wheels:

  1. Matter G13: The Matter G13 wheels have gained a reputation as some of the best inline speed skate wheels on the market. With their impressive blend of speed, grip, and durability, they offer exceptional performance for competitive skaters. The Matter F1 and Matter Juice wheels are also highly regarded among speed skating enthusiasts.
  2. MPC Black Magic: The MPC Black Magic wheels are renowned for their grip and responsiveness. Designed with advanced technologies like the dual-durometer construction and the Turbo Core, they deliver excellent speed and maneuverability on various surfaces.
  3. Powerslide Infinity: The Powerslide Infinity wheels are known for their versatility and durability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating, they offer a great balance between speed, grip, and longevity. Their Hollow Core technology reduces weight while maintaining strength.
  4. Atom Matrix: The Atom Matrix wheels excel in providing a smooth and fast ride. With their high rebound and precision engineering, they offer excellent speed and control. Their hollow core design reduces weight, further enhancing performance.
  5. Bont G13: The Bont G13 wheels are favored by many professional skaters for their outstanding speed and responsiveness. With a combination of grip and roll, they offer an ideal balance for competitive racing.


When it comes to inline speed skating, the selection of speed skate wheels is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The impact it can have on your overall performance is profound. Various factors come into play when choosing the perfect wheels that align with your skating style and preferences.

One crucial factor to consider is the durometer, which refers to the hardness of the wheels. The durometer rating determines the grip and shock absorption capabilities of the wheels. It is essential to find the right balance that suits your specific needs. Softer wheels with lower durometer ratings offer excellent grip and shock absorption, making them ideal for outdoor surfaces or rough pavements where stability is crucial. On the other hand, firmer wheels with higher durometer ratings sacrifice some grip but excel in providing higher speeds on smooth surfaces like indoor tracks.

The diameter of the wheels is another vital consideration. Wheel diameter plays a significant role in determining speed and maneuverability. Smaller wheels, typically ranging from 80mm to 90mm, are preferred for indoor racing due to their ability to accelerate quickly and offer superior maneuvering capabilities. They allow skaters to navigate tight turns and swift direction changes with ease. On the other hand, larger wheels, ranging from 100mm to 125mm, are better suited for outdoor speed skating. Their larger size enables them to roll over uneven surfaces more smoothly, while also providing higher top speeds for long straightaways.

Wheel profile, which refers to the width of the wheels, is another important aspect to consider. The profile determines the contact area with the ground, which affects both speed and stability. Narrower profiles reduce rolling resistance, resulting in higher speeds but potentially sacrificing some stability. These wheels are often preferred by experienced skaters looking for maximum velocity. Wider profiles, on the other hand, offer greater stability and control, providing a solid foundation for skaters prioritizing maneuverability and balance during high-speed turns.

Material selection is also crucial when it comes to speed skate wheels. High-performance wheels are typically made of polyurethane, a durable and resilient material that offers excellent grip and longevity. Advanced wheel designs often incorporate specialized compounds or cores that further optimize speed, reduce vibrations, and enhance energy transfer. The choice of material can greatly affect the overall performance and lifespan of the wheels.

In the market, there are several outstanding options available for inline speed skate wheels. Among them, the Matter G13, MPC Black Magic, Powerslide Infinity, Atom Matrix, and Bont G13 stand out for their exceptional performance and reputation among skaters. These wheels have been tested and proven to deliver outstanding speed, control, and durability, making them popular choices among both recreational and professional skaters.

When making your decision, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements of your skating environment. Factors such as the type of surface you will be skating on, whether it's indoors or outdoors, and the level of grip and control needed should all be taken into account. By considering your individual needs and making a well-informed decision, you can invest in high-quality wheels that will enhance your skating experience to new levels. The right set of wheels can provide you with the confidence, speed, and control needed to excel on the track.

Professional freestyle slalom skater since 2006. Inline skates instructor. In the top 20 world best slalom skaters in the world at WSSA rank 2012-2018. Co-founder of InMove skates club and store in 2011. Event organizer of slalom and freeride competitons under WorldSlalomSeries. Creating helpful inline skates tutorials for beginners on YouTube channel InMoveSkates.

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