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In the late 1970s, Kryptonics produced the most iconic roller skate wheel in the world: Krypto Reds.

A pioneer in polyurethane wheel technology since 1965, Kryptonics revolutionized the skate and skateboard market with wheels that outperformed the competition.

More than 50 years later and inspired by our heritage, we developed the Retro Kryptonics Roller Skate Series.

We are taking sneaker trends out of the gym and off the pavement, and blending it with a little 1970’s beach culture from our roots to create the Kryptonics skate line.

WHEEL: 62mm/82A Kryptonics, Stone Finish
BOOT CLOSURE: Laces with Ankle Strap
BOOT MATERIAL: Synthetic Leather
CHASSIS: Composite Kryptonics
COLOR: White/Green

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